Our Approach


Everything I sell is done by me. One craftsman from start to finish

Our Story

My Story

In 1991 I asked a well known leatherworker for a custom sheath. I thought the price was high and being pig headed I set out to make one for myself.

I was ever so fortunate that my sheath was a complete and utter disaster. I eventually bought the sheath from the maker I had contacted and not only was it beautiful but it was built to last.


My failure spurned me on with a fire to break the code of what that master craftsman was able to do and how he did it. I have spent 25 yrs researching techniques and building leather goods and am happy to say I am now regarded by many in the same way I regarded that leatherworker back in 1991. Someone who makes beautiful things built to last.

I freely provide information to aspiring leatherworkers and hobbiest and a quick search on the internet will provide you with plenty of positive reviews. Took a while .. but I think I may have broke the code!!  🙂

Meet the Craftsman

Alexander Boriqua

I attended the School of Visual arts and began making leather goods in 1991. I continued Leatherwork as a hobby while working a wonderful career in the design and production of large scale displays and exhibits.

When I decided to step out of the race I returned to leatherwork on a full time basis and love it.