So what do holsters cost?

While there are a ton of options below is an example of pricing that should get you started.

$50 50/50 pancake holsters in any solid color with black thread


Contrasting thread $5

Halo fade $5

Double layer $20

Flat back $10

Thumb break $15

Decorated with a variety of stamping and airbrush techniques and choice of dye colors and thread colors Start at $75

Inlays start at $90

$65 IWB holsters with contrasting thread, sewn in Sight channel and contrasting throat support.

Avengers start at $70

Special designs will need to be discussed but if you decide you need a 13.5 degree cant and the cant I provide just wont do I would have to charge a pattern fee to cover the time needed to develop a new pattern.

What guns do you have molds for

I am open to adding new molds but I generally stay away from plastic guns as plastic gun owners usually prefer kydex

Here is what I have currently and have ready patterns for

Ruger GP100 4″, 3″

Ruger Sp101 3″

Ruger LCR

Ruger LCP

S&W 686 4″, snubby

CZ 97

CZ pcr

CZ Rami

CZ 75


CZ p01

Glock 17

Glock 19

M&P 9mm Shield

Beretta 92fs Compact

1911 Commander, Government and Defender

Sig 229


What color options are available

I am always open to making or buying other colors if I can use them again so feel free to ask for something you may not see but this is what I currently have on hand

Dye colors on hand


Dark Brown

Medium brown

Light brown



Saddle Tan



Brandy ( kind of a tan / light brown but warmer)






Thread colors I have if you want to do some complimentary stitching




a beautiful warm dark brown

Havana cigar





Eccru ( I just call this natural. It looks kind of like natural sinew when sewn.)


Seal A very dark not as warm brown that borders on black with a brown tinge. Beautiful

What other leather goods do you offer

I make motorcycle bags of varying sizes, carry bags, women’s purses, wallets, knife sheaths and well just about anything that can be made from Latigo, Harness leather and veg tan. The only thing I am currently not able to offer is double layered sewn gun belts however I can supply most people with 14 oz heavy steer leather gun belts if you want a matching set. Just shoot me an email about your project!

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

I only ship Priority USPS and only to the CONUS

How do you accept payment

I accept paypal, MO or Check. All custom orders will need to be prepaid.


I will accept returns minus shipping cost on anything that is in new never used condition for 7 days after you receive it. If you buy a holster and put a gun in it or crease a wallet opening and closing it it is no longer new and I cant resell it but if you open the box and take off the wrapping and go “oh my this is hideous” and put it back in the box .. I will return your money!!  🙂


This one is easy .. if something fails do to something I did wrong or something I didn’t do that I was supposed to … I will repair or replace it.

This excludes normal wear and tear but if you should scratch up your beloved piece or broke some stitches or your leather  just generally looks shabby, contact me, get me the item and pay return shipping and I will strip, clean, redye or do whatever I can to make it pretty again …. FOR FREE!