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No longer accepting custom orders

I want to thank everyone who has come to me with special projects and trusting me to help you realize them. I enjoyed all of them!

However .. from this point forward I will no longer be accepting custom orders. I will continue to produce high quality hand crafted leatherwork that will be available for sale on here, my etsy site and my ebay page and hope that you will continue to check back often to see what I have created and see if it fits your needs. Thank you again to everyone who has allowed me to serve them.


Tribute to Arizona

Special request from a fellow resident of Arizona. This was a third attempt but I am glad I kept plugging away until I had something I liked. More pix can be seen at the link

Arizona Tribute Holster

Some 1911 Sets

I frequently get asked for mag pouches after someone has bought a holster so I figured it was high time to start offering sets pre-made. Here are the first two developed from the beginning to be sold as a set.

Day of the Dead Inspired Holster

Inspired by “Dia De Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) and featuring alternating stitching using Havana Cigar colored and dark  brown waxed thread. A lot of fun to make.

New 1911 Commander Holster set

I am very proud of this set. I pick up design ideas from all sorts of sources and keep myself open to new ways make or embellish leather goods. This set was  was influenced by Spanish Landscape design, Worn tile, Orderly Lines and floral borders. The colors include Cherry, Oxblood, Mahogany and black and is all hand stitched with 1.1mm waxed Brown thread. This particular thread is very much on the warm side in color and I think works well. I design, Cut, Dye and Handstitch every piece. If you can handle some good music there is a slide show at my youtube page but if you are more a quiet contemplation type there is a gallery on my gallery page. Thank you for looking!


Gallery page

Hello world!

Well after some 3 yrs with the same tired ugly website I have decided to update. I wanted not only a new way to share my work but I wanted the ability to receive feedback good or bad or just to hear and discuss leatherwork. I have had the very best customers and look forward to their participation.  I am adding new pix and new items for sale all the time so please be sure to check back!


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